General Federation of Women's Clubs New Hampshire

GFWC-NH Board of Directors

President: Beth Roth 

President-Elect: Denise Raisanen

Vice-President: Donna Maskwa

Treasurer: Cathy Hodson 

Recording Secretary: Lynn Abt

Corresponding Secretary: Dolores VanBlarcom 

Parliamentarian: Joan Prue

Advisor: Jeanne O'Sullivan 

Capitol North District Director: Anne Lamson

Seacoast District Director: Deb Dumont

Merrimack South District Director:  Chrystina Moran

Arts & Culture: Sheila Casey & Mary Ryan 

Civic Engagement & Outreach: Nancy Greenberg & Carol Waters 

Education & Libraries: Lexie Kearly & Marilyn Suszek 

ESO: Lexie Kearly & Mary McGahn 

Environment: Phyllis Appler & Elaine French 

Health & Wellness: Laura Otterson & Deb Provencher

Budget: Patti Drelick

Bylaws Chairman: Denise Raisanen

Communications & Public Relations: Dolores VanBlarcom 

Constitution & Bylaws: Denise Raisanen

Credentials Committee: Jeanne O'Sullivan 

Fundraising:  Chrystina Moran 

Grants: Beth Roth

Hospitality: Linda Twombly

Internal Finance Review: Denise Lasott

Jennie Award:  Ann Englehardt

Leadership:  Rachel Kingston 

Legislation & Public Policy:  Laurie Jasper 

Meals & Registration: Alison Dillman & Debbie Dunn

Membership: Denise Raisanen

Newsletter:  Donna Maskawa & Stephanie Riotto

Nominating: Jeanne O'Sullivan

Resolutions: Marilyn Suszek 

Scholarship: Judy McPhail 

Signature Project: Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness: Mary McGahn 

Website: Dolores VanBlarcom 

Women's History & Resource Center: Phyllis Appler 


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Have you been informed of the various things our many devoted club chairman are sharing with us? Make sure to check for items available to Club Presidents at state meetings. If you have any questions about a program or advancement guide, contact the State Chairman responsible and they will help you.

Do you have something to contribute to the State Newsletter? Contact Donna Maskwa at [email protected]